Get Your Office Yoga On

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I imagine that like me, many of you end up sitting behind a desk for hours at a time. This work style caused our bodies to to tighten up, and gosh forbid we are in a high-stress field because in addition to a tight body, we also have mental stresses. I think that I have found the cure to loosen us up and get us all through the day. Office Yoga. Most of our work places do not offer yoga classes during the day, but that shouldn’t stop us from taking a few moments out of every day to give our bodies a much needed break. Our good friends at Expert Village released a series of office yoga videos that can straighten our spines and relax our minds. Check them out and let me know what you think!

They actually have a few more videos in addition to these great ones, so I will be certain to share them with you in a bit. Enjoy.

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