Gain Balance in your Root Chakra

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The root chakra is at the base of the spine. The root chakra is located at the base of the spine. The root chakra grounds the physical connection to the Earth. The root chakra governs security and natural instinct within our lives. The root chakra offers a feeling of comfort and safety when it is properly balanced. There a a few ways that you can help to align the root chakra.

The first yoga posture that grounds the root chakra is Easy Pose or Sutkatasana. This is a seated posture with the legs crossed. Back in elementary school our teachers would call this seated pose, Indian Style. Your hands can rest on the knees, palms up or down. Find an elongated spine rooting down through the tailbone and reaching all the way up to the crown of the head. Notice if you feel each vertebrae stacking along the spine. Roll the shoulders as you relax them down the back. Begin to feel the sit bones grounding down into the mat and Earth beneath you.

This sensation of grounding down in order to reach up. Just like a tall Birch tree, we need the stability of the roots to ground us to this Earth to balance the trunk and branches. This posture helps secure our root chakra so that we can feel stability in our life. To maintain a balanced root chakra, devote at least a five minutes a day to sitting in Sutkatasana. Allow yourself to feel secure in your own body. Embrace the strength that you hold within yourself.

These little bits of effort we can take in our lives to feel more stable and secure within ourselves will help to lead to a more balanced life. The root chakra can be looked at as the most important energy wheel of the body. Just like a tree, we cannot exist without our roots. This is the base chakra, the very beginning of the natural rhythms of life. Once we allow ourselves to ground down into our instinctual being we can allow the rest to balance into position as well.

The red root chakra is the beginning of the chain. This natural connection between all chakras is what keeps your entire being together as one. The spinning wheels are all correlated on this chain within our spines. When we find a balanced cycle for each one we have the potential to do anything we put our minds to. Ground down to rise up.

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