Fresh Start

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If you have seen the movie Groundhog Day you know that Bill Murray’s character wakes up every morning to relive Groundhog Day. This idea of a fresh start reminds me of this movie. What if we had the chance to relive certain experiences. Would you relive the happiest moments? Would you relive moments before traumas in order to change it? What if we woke up with this same intention every morning of having a fresh start. Think about all of the possibilities that could arise from having an intention for a fresh start each day.

Let’s start with reliving our best memories. Think about what moment you would go back to and experience again. This memory might be filled with laughter, warmth, loved ones, hugs, and overall happiness. This moment changed your life. This experience adds onto your beautiful glowing soul. Take those feelings and emotions you get from reminiscing the idea of reliving your favorite moments. Notice that you are feeling all of that beauty right now in this present moment! You do not have to be in that exact spot and time to experience the joyful energy. You can experience that beauty right here and right now.

This second part is hard but necessary to relive our traumas. Unfortunately, we cannot truly go back in time and prevent our traumas. To relive a traumatic experience is extremely hard to do. A lot of us tend to block out these memories and feelings we had in the moments of trauma. It is natural to want to block out pain and suffering. Blocking and numbing this pain does not make it leave our bodies and souls. In yoga, teachers bring awareness to the fact that the issues are in your tissues. We can experience pains when practicing from tramas mentally and physically. After this pain, you will feel overwhelming joy and liberation.

Free yourself from these past traumas. Be gentle as you relive the feelings and experience from traumas. The damage is still prevalent in your body. After you accept that you cannot change the past and that you are safe now in this present moment. This realization of existence within the present moment is your fresh start. You have the opportunity to give yourself a fresh start within every single moment. Every second is a new second. Every minute, a new minute. Everyday is a new day. Be a fresh, new you every time you wake up.

Everyone as the best and worst memories. These memories whether good or bad shape us into the person we chose to be. There is no explanation why horrible things happen to wonderful people. The world is created from chaos and so are we. We are created from the beautiful and dreadful chaos. Relive happiness, sadness, euphoria, and pain in order to be yourself. We do not have a choice to ask for the lives we are given. We can only accept the chaos for what it is. Choose a fresh start inside of every present moment. You deserve to be happy. You are enough. You are pure happiness and beauty. You are your own fresh start.

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