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Yoga can be anything we want it to be. I always tell people to just do whatever feels right. I feel it is important to trust our hearts and follow the path that the Universe has created. I have always wanted to teach a yoga class and tell the students to just do whatever they want the entire class. I know that some people might feel ripped off by this idea but in reality this would be the best yoga class ever. I feel it is important to embrace the moment someone tells you to just be you!

When I practice yoga at home, I honestly do not follow any pattern. I just allow my body to move however it wants to move in that moment. I couldn’t even give you a name for some of the postures that my body chooses to perform. I bet it looks intense but in reality it is the easiest thing to literally move with the flow. We spend so much of our lives trying to swim upstream thinking that it is more productive. In all honestly, it is more productive to do what is most natural. We are not salmon swimming upstream to mate every year!

To live with a free spirit means to let go of limiting beliefs. We all have a limited time in this physical body. No one truly knows what happens to the soul after this time period is up but I like to think that your soul is infinite. There is nothing to lose with living life embracing an unlimited soul! That means there is unlimited room for growth and abundance. Take that leap to set your soul free. Embrace who you are!

I challenge you to find some time for yoga practice at home. Start alone and become comfortable with yourself first and foremost. This solo yoga practice gives you the opportunity to move your body however it feels like moving. You might find yourself sitting in child’s pose the entire time! That is perfectly fine. Maybe you will find yourself dancing across the room like crazy! Do what feels right for your body. One thing I appreciate with most yoga classes is that everyone respects each other’s individual experience. I never feel vulnerable to people staring at me or making me feel uncomfortable.

Remember that if you are going to a yoga class, you are going for yourself and only yourself. Even if you go to classes with friends, respect your time and space. Remind other people to respect their time and space as well. The energy of others around you can be a fun experience if it is the right group of people. Be aware of allowing too much of outside energy inside of your personal experience. It is easy to be open and vulnerable in a yoga class, therefore remember to protect yourself by staying within your natural breath pattern.

Set yourself free and embrace your infinite soul! Embrace this physical lifetime and be yourself. You are a free spirit. You can let go of limiting beliefs. This life is your own experience that you gratefully can share with others around you. Remember, we are all here together. Practice how your body wants to move freely! Become vulnerable to your true Self. Soar through that bright blue sky like an eagle and dive into the bright blue ocean like a dolphin! Your soul is limitless! Respect freedom.

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