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Thread: Yoga for health

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    Yoga for Back

    Yoga is proven to cure many health issues. Get yourself diagnosed and practice Yoga under the supervision of an expert. Perform Asanas gently.

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    Yoga for health

    Yoga is the form of Hindu spirituality. Yoga has lots of benefits. This is a valuable regular practice that has positive physical health and mental piece.I know a yoga school “Akshara Yoga School”. They provide yoga teacher trainings and meditation retreat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Renfred View Post
    Yoga is effective in curing back injuries and pains so practice yoga daily. Besides yoga, try therapeutic exercises to cure back injuries and pain and during all exercises, practice the drawing in technique to improve fitness.
    Absolutely! I just had a back injury and as part of the treatment includes simple yoga poses.

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    Yoga is really useful for back pain

    Yoga is useful for development of body, spirit and mind. Yoga increase strength and flexibility.

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    The stretches can be good for the back as long as you don't over do it.

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