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Thread: Yoga for health

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    Yoga for health

    Can someone tell me how good is yoga for things like back injuries? I am hoping to get treatment from pacific beach chiropractor for my back injury which i got about 9 months ago. Do you think it is a good decision and will be be able to get results or will it be just a waste of time?

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    Yoga is very simple and easier exercise for fitness of the body because breathing
    exercises are also useful in weight loss and keeping stomach flat.Yoga is very
    beneficial way to loss the weight and so good for bring the flexibility in the body...

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    Yoga is an integral part of our lifestyle. It removes the impurities from the level of mind and unites everything with the spirit. For instance, insomnia could be connected to stress, anxiety or depression.
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    yoga is better then other exercises. yoga make us healthy and fit. if we do yoga in morning then it is more effective for our body.

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    Hi Pathmsupun,

    yes off-course its a good decision.Yoga is one of the cheaper and effective treatments.research says that around 30% of people got cured from their back pain through yoga..

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    My mom facing back injury after her accident and she feel very stress and can't sit more time even she cant sleep in good way. But she start yoga exercise which help a lot to get rid of back pain so i can think yoga is really a good to do to get rid of many diseases.

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    Yoga for Health and Wellness

    The physical asanas or postures of Yoga are a great form of exercise, especially if you are just starting out on your fitness journey. Yoga postures increase balance, flexibility, coordination and circulation.

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    Yoga has been used to cure and prevent back pain by enhancing strength and flexibility. Yoga can provide several healing benefits for people with various types of back pain. Yoga can help by healing injured back muscles and help to maintain a regular level of daily activities and avoid disability.

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    Yoga for back pain

    A combination of physical exercises, breathing exercises and meditation, yoga may appeal to people as a means to stay fit and relax, but it also has practical applications for treating chronic back pain and neck pain from a herniated disc, arthritis and other conditions.

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    Yoga is effective in curing back injuries and pains so practice yoga daily. Besides yoga, try therapeutic exercises to cure back injuries and pain and during all exercises, practice the drawing in technique to improve fitness.

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