Forgive or Resent

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It takes a great amount of strength to forgive. When we are given an apology, we have a choice to stay resentful or to forgive. If we choose to forgive we are offering a chance for ourselves to be bigger and stronger than ever before. If we choose to be angry, we give our lives to that negative energy of betrayal and hatred.

Not everyone has the audacity to even apologize! There are times in life when we do not always get what we rightfully deserve. That is usually why we find ourselves in that situation in the first place. Life’s not fair or predictable. When we are wrongly treated by another, we rightfully hold anger towards that person. This anger affects us and our entire lives. This anger builds. How could we ever forgive? We can and once you do, you will only become stronger than you already are.

I feel that it can never hurt to accept an apology when given. Even if you need more time to heal, accept the apology then move on. Set yourself free from anger. What happened to you in the first place was traumatic. You have already felt maybe the worst pain you will ever feel in your life. Why would you want to continue anger on top of that pain? Do yourself a favor and forgive.

You need to honor yourself first in life. It will make you strong and successful. This is not an honor of ego, instead it is a heart-warming compassion for yourself. This is your appreciation to be alive! This life is a gift to you. We find ways to cope with anger like running, yoga, breathing techniques, boxing, hiking, painting, reading, writing, etc.. All of these things are healthy for our mind, body, and soul.

When you choose to stay resentful you just become more diminished from the hatred. It becomes a part of you that becomes harder and harder to overcome. This anger becomes an obstacle in our lives. A heavy weight that we carry that gradually becomes heavier over time. It becomes an unnecessary part of us. We deserve a happy, healthy, successful, wonderful life, don’t we?!

Choose forgiveness. Choose to move on from trauma and grow into the strong being you have always been since birth. Hardships are a part of life no matter how unfair. You deserve forgiveness. Forgive yourself to forgive in order to live your life free of anger. As Bob Marley said, β€œEmancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds!” You have the choice, choose to forgive.

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