Find Your Dharma

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Dharma is a sanskrit word. Dharma can be described as one’s duty in life. This duty can also be compared to one’s life calling. What is your life calling you to do? This calling can be family oriented, personal, or both. What do you find yourself thinking about doing, maybe it is artwork or design. How can we follow this life calling or duty in life and still continue to be successful in the modern world?

In buddhism, Dharma would be a monk’s life calling to worship the Buddhist religion of letting go and surrendering their life to a higher purpose. In modern day society, it isn’t always possible to follow this Buddhist path of surrender. We can still understand our Dharma and life calling as something that we are meant to do in this life. An example is that a doctor’s life calling or Dharma would be to heal and save lives.

We can embrace this duty we are called to in our lives. We have the choice to take what is given to us and use it for the good of humanity. If you feel that your duty is to help people, how can you take steps in your life to accomplish that help. It could start as simply as having gratitude for your life from the heart or applying to your dream job!  Whatever this may be, you have the choice to follow your Dharma.

This idea of Dharma is the duty of a lifetime. This duty is not accomplished in one day. It is essentially our life’s purpose on this Earth. The way we decide to follow our purpose is up to us. As long as we recognize our Dharma or life calling with truth and honesty we can accomplish this life long task. Humanity as a whole is made up of each individual life. Each individual has the opportunity to complete this duty throughout their lifetime.

Find your Dharma, your duty, and what is calling to you. Embrace your life purpose and own it! You define your personal reality. Listen to what life is calling to you!

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