Feel Free

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From day to day, and even year to year, we walk in emotions that do not serve us. These emotions come from situations in life that were created to test our strength: to prepare us for something greater in our futures. Sometimes without even knowing, we allow the situations to control our personalities, affect our relationships, and even further, we allow what we have been through to internally depreciate ourselves.

The instructor in my yoga class this morning seemed to know that this topic was in the front of my mind today as she welcomed the class into child’s pose and set the intention for the class: detoxification. With each inhale we created space in our spines, space in our chest, and a lightness of heart. In turn, with each exhale we let go of what we’ve been holding onto, whether it be a burden of late, or for years, we let it go through the top of our heads. This class was full of twisting, wringing ourselves out like a sponge, of all the negativity in our lives. From each twist, we would exhale ourselves into our chaturangas, and back up into our downward dogs- keeping in mind to fill ourselves full of self-worth, practicality, and grace with each inhale. Filling the space we created with nothing less than loving thoughts.

Since high school, I’ve had this saying to “Feel free”, sort of a reminder to release the holds or limits you may have unknowingly put on yourself. A co-worker yesterday asked for my consent of a task around the café, and without even thinking twice I responded, “Feel free!” It stopped him in his tracks, and he turned around and said, “There’s empowerment in freedom”. I turned back around to whatever it was that I was busy with, and made note of that, there’s empowerment in freedom.

So wherever you may be in life, or whatever may be bearing down on your shoulders, practice on letting it go. With each exhale, release personal boundaries, release unhappiness, anxiety, stress, whatever it may be, because there is a great empowerment in freedom, and you deserve it.

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