Fail to Succeed

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We can all relate to the old saying, “If at first you don’t succeed try, try again”. The most important lessons in life are learned through our failures. I truly believe it is not possible to succeed unless you fail first. Obviously, we don’t start something with the intention of failing and failing does not feel the greatest. Success is the ultimate goal in life. Success can be your personal accomplishments, business achievements, diet or exercise goals, etc. How do we achieve success in our lives when coping with previous failure? We can use these failures as motivation to try even harder.

It is the motivation we feel from our failures that lead us to our success. This drive to give the best of ourselves in everything we do. I tend to fall down and lose balance during my yoga practice. Even coming into Warrior I, I tend to wobble and lose control of myself at times. When I start to topple over to one side, I ground down with my feet and feel that stability run all the way through the crown of my head. Suddenly, I find myself more stable in that posture than I have ever been before. I was only able to reach that stability from my first attempt with instability.

Humility is a lesson we can learn from failure. No one wants to ever feel humiliated and they never really should. However, when we give our absolute best into a project that fails we tend to feel discouraged and embarrassed that it wasn’t “enough”. The lesson learned from these experiences is that we can always become better at anything we practice. It is a humble feeling to understand failure in order to reach success. Once we learn this, we are able to share our experience with others and relate to the natural ups and downs of life.

Vulnerability is another lesson to learn from failure. Yoga is a practice that teaches vulnerability, to be gentle with ourselves and understand that we all have our limitations with different things. Someone who has had serious knee injuries isn’t going to immediately hold Pigeon pose to the fullest extent without possibly re-injuring or slowly working to that point of flexibility agan. This is understanding that we need to be gentle about our vulnerability. We can be aware that failure or vulnerability is part of success and embrace it.

With the acceptance of failure, you can also enjoy the journey to success no matter the struggle. We recognize that everything in life whether it be good or bad is an experience to live through. We can only grow wiser and become more successful with these lessons we learn along the way. Challenge yourself to always see the positive message in every situation. Even a loss will teach us something deeper about ourselves for this life we live. Sending you success and abundance and hoping you enjoy the many lessons of life along the way!

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