Embrace Your Inner Yogi!

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If you breathe, you are a yogi. Yoga is simply the act of existing. It is easy to look at labels and what people call themselves and judge. We need to shift our mindsets to be more open. We need to observe ourselves without judgement. To be is the act of simply being. Just like we don’t need to think about breathing, our bodies automatically do it for us. We need to stop overthinking everything in our lives. Embrace your inner yogi and just be.

We tend to over exert ourselves with our daily routines. We wake up, shower, go to work, go to the store, visit family, visit friends, go out to eat, clean the house, make food, do the laundry, feed the animals, drive everywhere, exercise….etc and repeat. This daily routine is different for everyone but in any case it is too easy to overexert in this busy life we live. On top of performing the usual routine, we are even busier over thinking our every step or worse, not thinking at all!

Access the buddha that we each have within us. This Self that holds balance, serenity, love, compassion, empathy, and truth. In yogic philosophy, the sanskrit word ‘atman’ represents a person’s soul. Our soul is our connection to the Universe. There is no scientific definition of what a soul is, we just feel it within us. It is our truest Self, not manipulated by society or judgement. How can we access our ‘atman’ or soul with no judgement, just pure acceptance?

It is so easy to label in order to organize. Right or wrong. Black or white. Happy or sad. Awake or asleep. What we really need to realize is that life is made from pure chaos. There is no true organization so there is no reason to have to categorize anything. Sure, we might use categories to understand life more clearly when studying for an exam or cleaning the house. These categories are just words to define or use for example what something is. We do not need to label ourselves for anyone we must learn to accept.

To accept oneself in the purest form is the best thing we can do for ourselves in our lives. Free yourself from judgement. We need to let go of these pre-conceived ideas that we hold on ourselves and the people around us. We need to accept mistakes because that is the purity of chaos in the world. The disorder is what actually places us into order. Embrace your inner yogi but embracing yourself!

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