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Elemental OM

Elemental OM is a company committed to the expansion of happiness through balanced living.  Founded in the philosophies of the Vendanta, Elemental OM believes that by combining ancient wisdom with modern life, you can have an amazing experience of health, creativity, abundance and vitality.

Elemental OM is a company committed to conscious choice making.  Poor Health is largely the result of making poor choices for diet, routine and sleep.  Unfortunately, in the West, we do not emphasize the importance and the impact of our daily routine.  In the East, there is a system for living and preventing disease and it is called Ayurveda.

Ayurveda is founded in a 5,000 year old life science originating in India.  It is the most popular preventative holistic medicine practiced in the West today and combines beautifully with modern Western medical treatments. Translated, Ayurveda literally means “the science of life”.  Ayurveda has been widely received in the West largely because it is an ever growing and all encompassing body of knowledge.  It is dynamic.  As we learn and discover more about healthy living, the concepts of Ayurveda grow and change.  This makes this 5,000 year old system relavent to today’s world.

Elemental OM is committed to educating and empowering Western culture so that it may embrace this powerful lifestyle and begin to experience a life of balance.

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