Earthbound Yoga

Portage, MI

Earthbound Yoga

Many believe the power vinyasa style of Yoga is the most intelligent health system on the planet! By flowing from one posture to the next, building healing heat, the practice becomes a meditation in motion. Using your body as your own gym will help you create a balanced, sculpted physique that is strong and flexible. This practice cleanses and massages the internal organs to build a strong digestive and immune system. We focus on breath to purify the blood, increase energy, and calm the nervous. Eclectic music adds to the experience. Class finishes with a guided meditation to revive your spirit!

Most classes are co-taught by Tami & Terry Stingley, a couple that care about your practice. This class is for men and women of all ages and shapes who want a complete system of self improvement in a non-intimidating space. We focus on alignment, and modifications are given so everyone can work at their own level. Much more than just a physical workout, the 8 limbs of yoga are explored as a road map to inner peace. Transform, feel, heal and celebrate the journey!

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3255 Stonebridge Court
Portage, MI 49024

Phone: (269) 365-0827
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