Don’t Take it Personally

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A lesson I seem to keep learning over time is to not take things personally. It is easy to take everything personally. It is your own life to live anyways, isn’t it? That is true though, it is your life to live, your perception, your opinion, and you decide whether you want to take things personally. Whether it is a compliment or criticism, you have the choice to not take it personally. Just as you have a choice, so do others. What kind of world would we live in if everyone stopped taking everything personal?

When I have conversations with various people, I notice there are times that I take something out of context. We all carry with us a different perception of what life is. Sometimes we don’t realize that we hurt other people’s feelings or offend them because what we were saying wasn’t to be taken personally in the first place. We go through the motion of thinking that because we carry our own individual perception that everything we perceive is our own. We need to be mindful that we coexist with others, and that it is only normal for everyone to have their own perspective on life.

What if we welcomed all of these different perceptions of life as a collective. What if we stop taking what someone says to us personally. There is usually a reason behind what they are saying that has to do with their individual perception of their life. This reason actually has nothing to do with us. They have every right to have that perception whether it compliments or offends you. Same goes with you, you have the right to own your personal perspective. You have the right to not take it personally.

Bob Marley says to “emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds”, we hold ourselves captive when we live life taking everything personally. We have no control over what others think, feel, act, or say to us. We do control what we think, feel, act, or say! We have the freedom to control ourselves. In our own perception of the world and of our life, we are in control. When we take responsibility for ourselves and our view of ourselves we are free from forced judgment. Free yourself and don’t take it personally… 😉

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