Difference of Opinion

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We all have our differences. We are all born with a unique personality. Our personality is authentic to us right when we are born into the world outside of our mother’s womb. This personality sets us apart from one another. People may have similar personalities but many other differences. No matter how much alike we are, we are all different. How can we use our differences to understand one another. There is something to learn from everyone’s individual opinion, for it is their personal point of view in life.

There are many different topics that people beg to differ on. Topics such as politics, lifestyle, sports, music, education..etc tend to bring on debate. It is natural to have a different sides in a debate. When we personally attack in a debate is where the line is crossed. There are points to a debate and even if neither side can find a point to agree on, the debate is there to trade viewpoints. Let us not mistake a debate for an argument. An argument is not a conscious way to communicate nor a way to get your point through.

It is alright to disagree with someone. The battle lies with the ability to not push your opinion onto other people and vise versa. When others push at you it is natural to react and push back. This is what leads to arguments and unconscious communication. If we can give even more attention to the way we react more than the way others act, we offer ourselves the opportunity to consciously deal with the situation. Arguing is too easy and leads to nothing but negative and low frequency energy for both parties.

America was built on a difference of opinion. Each individual has a voice and something important to say. We need to allow one another to speak our different opinions. It is only right to allow the world to be different. It is time we embrace our differences as strengths. Our differences to not divide us from one another, yet they bring us together to learn from each other. It is alright to have a different opinion than others. That means you think deeply about topics that render importantly to you.

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