Death Meditation, Rejuvenation for the Living

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Funeral Homes, Embalming Rooms, and Mortuaries are not just for those who have passed. A new trend is making its way into mainstream yoga, and that my reader is Death Meditation. The practice is traditionally held in a place of death and is geared to introduce you to death before you actually die.

The only thing in life that is guaranteed is death, so why not experience it before hand? Death Meditation will help you see the path that is a part of our natural disposition, becoming one with the earth.  As the energy leaves our bodies, and our physical selves become one with the chemistry of the planet, we complete the circle of life. Death Meditation brings ease to that process.

During a Death Meditation class one uses their imagination to work with the audio-visuals given by the instructor. You place yourself in the shoes of those who’ve passed or envision your own passing. Although Death Meditation might not be offered by your studio, you can still practice the concept of Savasana, the “corpse pose” and create the visions of your own experience.

This practice might not be for everyone, but for those seeking a unique way to deal with death and bring rejuvenation to their lives this could be the trick.

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