Dance It Off!

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Have you ever just completely let loose and danced uncontrollably? I have, especially when I’m home alone. Dancing is a freeing experience of just allowing your body to move however it feels like moving. Dancing is a natural movement that has been a tradition for every single culture throughout history. Even if the world has completely different religious beliefs we can all find common ground through dancing. Sometimes when I find myself feeling stressed out, dancing and laughing is the absolute best remedy. Not to mention, it is a phenomenal workout!

We have all heard the radio over-playing Taylor Swift’s song called ‘Shake it Off’. I have to admit no matter if I am sick of hearing it I can’t help but sing and dance along to it! It is so true when life deals you a bad deck of cards you always have the option to shake it off and move on. Same thing is true for dancing it off, when you find yourself feeling down it can really bring up your mood to dance it all off. Of course, dancing is also a great way to celebrate the positives of life too!

I feel like to truly let loose, you have to not care what other people think about you. It is so easy to feel vulnerable when we are completely opening ourselves up to life. Embrace yourself! You are the best one at being you. No matter how different and alike we all are as a human race, we all are together on this planet. Allow your body, mind, and spirit move how it wants to and needs to be. Embrace the weirdness of life. It truly is what it is.

If you want to dance like crazy and laugh hysterically in this life, allow yourself to just be. We are our own worst enemy if we choose to be. Try instead to be your own best friend. Feel comfortable alone, with friends, family, or animals. Love is stronger than fear. What is the worst thing that could happen if you went out on that empty dance floor or what is the best? Imagine everyone following you out on that dance floor. Each individual has a special thing to offer this world, and that is themselves.

I challenge you to dance today anytime, anywhere just dance. It could be as simple as nodding your head to a beat, maybe swaying the body and just allowing life to happen as it is. Throw on your favorite tune and lose yourself in the moment. This moment could be for a few seconds or a few hours just embrace movement! Good luck and accept the groovy vibes that are coming your way.

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