Cure the Funk

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Have you ever felt in a funk? This funky mood gives us this uncomfortable feeling. Sometimes we have days where we just wake up feeling off center. There might not be one particular reason for this funk, it could even be a number of things that cause this shift in mood. I find myself in these types of moods sometimes. The best thing to do is self care. Focus on yourself. In our busy lives, we spend most of our time doing things for others. This is very kind and necessary to help others but we have to be able to help ourselves as well.

Self care is the most important thing you can do for yourself! Self care can be getting that rest your body deserves, it could be taking a few minutes to meditate, or it could even be hydrating your body. Self care is necessary for survival. We need to stay in tune to what our body needs to be healthy and happy. If you find yourself feeling in a funky mood take a minute to think about what might help that. Ask yourself what you need to cure this feeling. A lot of times when we feel imbalances within our mind it can be caused from the physical body being out of alignment.

This funk can leave some people feeling a sense of depression. No one wants to feel depressed. Depression takes many lives. If you find yourself feeling this uneasy sense of depression, ask yourself what you might need. Self love is a cure for depression. Using affirmations such as I am worthy, I am enough, or I love myself can help assure that these sad emotions will soon clear. Know that nothing in life lasts forever, that is the beauty of having gratitude to be alive no matter what our life situations may be. A higher power wants you to succeed and wants you to be happy, and so do you!

Trust in yourself and your ability to clear these muddy waters of emotions. Just as there are positive and negative ions surrounding us, there are good time and bad times in life. There will always be the balance of both in any situation. Trust that you can dig your way out of this tunnel or hole of a funk. Trust that you are the cure for this funky mood. We have to trust that we understand our individual body more than anyone else would. That is why we ask ourselves, β€˜what do I need?’ We need to listen and trust that we have the answer. We need to take action to find a solution to these upsetting emotions in order to move forward.

If you ever find yourself in a funk, the best thing to remember is to not judge yourself. You are doing everything you need to do and just being aware that you feel this funk in the first place is the first step to cure it. Look at yourself as your own personal caregiver; you would never want to judge the person you are caring for, right? It is alright to feel in a funk, it is natural. The trick is to know what to look for within yourself in order to cure this funk. No one wants to stay in a victimizing funk. You are the cure. You hold the solutions within you to cure this funk. Cure the funk and move forward to happier days!

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