Couple’s Yoga

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Yoga is a very personal and spiritual practice of connecting the mind, body, and soul as one. What happens when two people in love practice yoga together? I feel that we are truly able to fall in love and open our heart with others when we have first done it with ourselves. Yoga has connected my mind, body, and soul into a deep connection of love for life. Yoga teaches us that we are here in this moment. When lovers practice yoga together, both minds, bodies, and souls align with one another. To practice yoga with the one you love is a truly bonding experience.

I think that instead of couple’s counseling there should be studios designated to teaching couple’s yoga. I feel that if you want a relationship to work long term you both must put in the time and effort. Yoga teaches us our connection with Self and the Universe that surrounds us. When we bring that idea and blend it with the bond to a loved one we are able to reach new heights. There is a deep personal bond to the Self. When we are able to access that bond we have with ourselves and reach it out onto another person there is a true gift that we receive.

I have a lot of couples that come to my yoga classes together. These couples are of all ages and races. I notice while I am teaching that they are engulfed in their own experience. They are not busy distracting one another, rather they are accessing their own connection to the Self. You can almost see that their energies naturally balance with one another while practicing. At the end of the class as they lay in Savasana they reach out to hold one another’s hand. I feel that this is the acceptance of bond between both of the individual’s Self. It is a truly beautiful sight to witness.

I teach my love yoga. We bond while I teach and I notice this wonderful appreciation he has for me. I see this proud look of gratitude in his eyes when I guide him through a yoga flow. I feel that this bond of us practicing together has helped us grow even closer together. I think that everyone in the world should practice yoga as an individual. When you feel ready and at the point in your life to practice with the one you love it is a whole new yogic experience!

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