Could you be Loved?

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It is possible to come to a point in your life when you realize the importance of self-compassion. “To love oneself is the beginning a lifelong romance.” Oscar Wilde has a point, we do happen to have ourselves to live with forever! We can feel thankful for that. We can be even for grateful for the ones that love us even more than we can see the love for ourselves. Was there a time in your life that you resisted love? It could be from yourself, significant other, or family.

I believe that the key to love is like anything in life, you just do it! You have to take action every second, every day. To take action is to free yourself. To free yourself is to just simple be you. To exist life being you. To love is to look, feel, smell, hear, and taste every ounce of yourself. To taste by drinking that water when you are parched and tasting the sweetness of life in your mouth! To feel every heartbeat. To smell your authentic scent. To hear yourself admit that you love yourself! Seriously, look at yourself in the mirror and admit that you are beautiful!

All You Need Is Love & A Bottle Of Wine

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All You Need Is Love & A Bottle Of Wine

Life is too short to not take action. When we feel we ‘plateau’ with life is when we find ourselves stagnant. We are the only ones that control the direction of our lives. We can take action, move, jump, scream, run, laugh, cry, sleep, eat, and chill. By following your intuition, heart, mind, body, and soul! You can only be the best of who you are like none other. Own it, love it! This is freedom.

When we hear the knock on the door, what do we do? We answer it. We get up no matter how many times the knock occurs. Trust that you will be receiving a gift at the door. This gift holds all of the love in the entire Universe. The type of gift that you find yourself literally frozen in the moment! It’s the most beautiful gift in the world. That type of love that makes you move. Can we love ourselves this much? I want to make that my goal.

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