Complete Yogic Experience

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In yogic philosophy, there are eight limbs or steps to take in order to reach a complete yogic experience. There are eight limbs of the ladder to climb to reach the top of your yoga experience. The idea of the practice of yoga is for healthy living at a physical, mental, and social level. The science behind yoga is the evolution of the mind aimed towards the highest goal of life. This highest goal of life to reach is the spiritual realization of an embodied soul. Each limb of the yogic experience is important.

Let’s go through each step…

  1. Yama- Social conduct
    1. non-violence
    2. truthfulness
    3. non-stealing
    4. balance senses
    5. conservative to nature
  2. Niyama- Observed conduct
    1. cleanliness
    2. contentment
    3. self discipline
    4. self acceptance
    5. surrender
  3. Asana- Yoga Postures
  4. Pranayama-Breathing Techniques
  5. Pratyahara- Meditation
  6. Dharana-Concentration
  7. Dhyana- Absorption
  8. Samadhi- Super Conscious Awareness

Each of the eight limbs is as important as the last. The ultimate goal of a meditator is for the experience of mediation and the object of meditation to become one. You become aware of your truest Self. You are no longer a human practicing yoga, you become yoga. Yoga is the practice of existing. The complete eight-limb yoga experience is meant for you to become one with yoga.

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