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To coexist means to exist together with a mutual tolerance for different ideologies and interests. There are so many people on this planet, too many people on this planet, over seven billion humans! We are all unique. Unique ideologies, interests, personalities, beliefs, appearances, fashion, heights, weights, colors…etc. We have to accept and welcome differences in order to live harmoniously. It is an enlightening feeling when we find mutual interests with strangers. It is also enlightening to learn different interests and broaden our spectrum of the world. Coexistence is the answer to world peace.

To be completely opposite from someone is a worldly experience. It opens your mind to the world outside of your familiarities. World acceptance is possible, but we must all participate. This participation is simple, when you see a stranger that is different than you just recognize the differences in a non-judgmental way. Be aware that you have these differences and accept them for who they are without any judgment. Maybe you will notice the karma of acceptance that you have created from this moment.

Throughout history, there have been many wars, too many wars. Too many loved ones lives have been lost over judgment and non-acceptance. Many of these wars are caused from disagreements over ideologies. The world needs to learn that no matter how many people die from war, humans will always have different beliefs. No war is going to change what someone believes true in their individual heart and soul. To accept all human beings and every difference will lead to a more peaceful world. Humans need to learn to coexist to work together in order to care for this planet that we all share equally with each other.

Your unique qualities are what make you special and who you are! Embrace your uniqueness. Your different features, beliefs, and interests are a part of your heart and soul. Just as you want to be accepted by others we must accept others with an open heart first. It is this respect that we have for ourselves and others that make us strong beings. Just as you wouldn’t want others to take away from your uniqueness we must not take that away from anyone else.

Learn to share the knowledge of acceptance. The more that people awaken their mind and bring awareness to the most important factors the more we can live peacefully and happily. Coexistence will solve so many problems that humans have created over time. Embrace what makes you different from the crowd. Stand out like a neon light. Be proud of who you are, where you came from, how you look, your beliefs, and interests! You are unique! You are one of a kind! It is all the different uniqueness around the world that gives color and light to this Earth! It is coexistence that brings peace, awareness, and quality.

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