Charym Yoga + Fitness

Litchfield, CT

Charym Yoga + Fitness

In Sanskrit, yoga means yoke or union of mind, body and spirit, expressed through postures, breathing exercises and meditation.

Charym blends yoga traditions, Pilates and other fitness regimes, always offered in beautiful settings that provide an oasis of calm in a frenetic and uncertain world. Charym is a place to work together toward fitness, balance, and peace in everyday life.

Charym is deeply grounded in a spiritual yoga practice but also brings fitness to a next level with creative, intense, spirited programs. The athlete’s “zone” is similar to the state a yogi achieves in preparation for meditation. Charym Yoga + Fitness will “meet you where you are” and help you move toward physical balance, strength, flexibility and much, much more

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74 West Street,
Litchfield, CT 06759

Phone: (860) 567-7795
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