Calm the Chaos

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The chaos theory is a mathematical concept also known as the butterfly effect. The idea of the butterfly effect is that small causes lead to larger effects. It is a true concept in life to consider. Anything you want to accomplish in your life requires an initial thought. That small cause or thought leads to the accomplishment of your larger goals.

We tend to plan out our next steps for the future but not realizing that each step we take makes a shift in our life. This shift is small like a leaf floating gracefully down into a pond, next thing you know the leaf lands onto the water creates a ripple. This ripple grows and grows until each vibrational ripple hits the edges of the pond. Our life can be compared to this ripple effect as naturally one thing leads to another.

Life is chaotic and unpredictable. Our daily routines are chaotic themselves and they are a regular or a ‘normal’ thing for us. How can we use this chaos to bring calmness into our daily lives? Yoga and meditation are wise steps to manage the chaos. Meditation is an amazing process of self realization and offers the ability to calm the chaos. We need to realize that we are able to access stillness within the chaos. We can find clarity in using the chaos to our advantage in life.

With the acceptance of chaos, we are able to find serenity within ourselves. We know that small changes lead to bigger effects. How can we use this knowledge to guide our lives with each small step we take? We can decide the direction of each small step by using our awareness for life itself. We are able to find control for the chaos with this realization of having a choice. When the turbulence in life starts to pick up, we can control our balance and reaction.

The idea that our lives can be compared to this concept of a butterfly effect can bring us a sense of peace. This knowledge that we can create stillness within the unpredictable chaos through awareness will lead us to live a more balanced life. Think back to the time of your conception. That small cause your parents did created the large effect of you! You are an entire living being. You are the large effect. Allow yourself to find gratitude for the chaos and in turn you will receive the stillness and peace you deserve.

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