Borderline Amazing Toe-Stretching Sox

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I have found foot stretching heaven with the help of ToeSox. These 90% Organic Cotton beauties feature a non-slip sole and are machine washable. The ToeSox Yoga-Pilates Toe Socks with Grips are a great alternative to traditional athletic socks and even give you the added bonus of stretching toes and strengthening the foot muscles.

The ToeSox are also packing some seriously sweet add-ons:

  • They have a horizontal stripe on the metatarsal head to give a visual to support proper alignment.
  • The toe stretchers increase circulation and reduce the chances of injury.
  • The cotton is breathable which keeps the feet cool and reduce the friction between toes.

ToeSox are pretty much the best thing that my feet have ever experienced. I hope that you all get a chance to try these fabulous little footsies out!

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