Blue Mountains Wellness Studio

Blue Mountains Wellness Studio

Blue Mountains Wellness Studio is dedicated to promoting health through yoga, wellness workshops, fitness, floatation therapy, and therapeutic massage. With a practical approach to wellness, we facilitate the advancement of personal health and well-being for each of our clients and students. We promote personal growth, peace and self-improvement for people of all ages by creating a non-violent, positive, relaxing and health-encouraging atmosphere. BMWS seeks to assist and inspire individuals to achieve their very best in physical and mental health.

Yoga means: “Union of body, mind & spirit.” Generations of people have experienced the benefits of yoga. Yoga helps to obtain and maintain a healthy body and a clear mind. With this valuable balance, yoga practitioners often find strength to manage stress and everyday chaos. Blue Mountains knows what it takes: here you can learn to breathe better, move more consciously and relax more deeply to achieve your goals and dreams! Come and experience the strengthening and healing essence of this ancient practice in a new form. Warm light and comfortable space come together inside our studio.

Contact Information

1220 S. Chugach St.
Palmer, AK

Phone: (907) 745-9050
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