Bloom like a Lotus

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The lotus flower is very symbolic in yogic culture. There are different postures that mimic the beauty of this flower. There are also hand gestures or mudras that depict the blooming flower. The sacred lotus flower grows in muddy swamp waters with lily pads. The symbology that this magnificent flower has picked up throughout history is purity and beauty. When you see a lotus flower in person, the feeling you receive is this sense of enchantment. The sacred lotus flower offers itself in the murky waters so vulnerably to its surroundings to show its fullest extent of beauty.

Many different religions in Egyptian times and throughout Buddhism have worshiped this sacred plant. During the ancient Egyptian times, they connected the sacred lotus flower with the purpose of the Sun God. The Egyptian intellectuals witnessed how the lotus flower would close its petals and sink down into the water at night. They looked at this symbolically meaning rebirth or renewing itself before taking its time to rise again into the sun. This is very interesting that we can look at nature no matter what time period and find a connection within our own lives.

Throughout Buddhism religion, the sacred lotus flower is symbolic of purity and spiritual enlightenment. Buddhists look at the flower very similarly to the way the ancient Egyptians did with this sense of awakening to a higher power. This spiritual awakening from the waters three days after the flower sinks down is this symbolic meaning of awakening into the sun. The purity of this sacred flower is very symbolic to the habitat that it flourishes in, which are muddy, dirty waters.

If you have ever seen a white lotus flower, you will immediately understand its pure nature. It makes you wonder how it is possible that this bright white flower bloomed from such mucky water. I have to agree with the Egyptians and the Buddhists on this one, the sacred lotus flower is beautiful. It is so beautiful that it does offer you, the witness, this sense of spiritual enlightenment. The sacred lotus flower teaches us that we can bloom purity out of muddy waters. We can vulnerably display our beauty of self to the world just like the lotus.

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