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How to Use the Five Elements
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Our Universe as human beings is known to have five elements. We are connected to these five elements. Ayurveda describes this connection with the five elements as being medicinal. To align your being with the five elements will help you to live a balanced and healthy life. The five elements […]

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Don’t Take it Personally
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A lesson I seem to keep learning over time is to not take things personally. It is easy to take everything personally. It is your own life to live anyways, isn’t it? That is true though, it is your life to live, your perception, your opinion, and you decide whether […]

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5 Yoga Poses for Waking Up
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Start the day off right with some yoga! It is hard to get a workout in with a busy schedule so these five yoga poses in a sequence will give you a flexible way to start the day. This posture wakes up the spine and gets you to stand up […]

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Life Happens with Interruption
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When we start our day we might have certain intentions or goals to accomplish. We find ourselves so focused on what we are doing and on a roll to completing our projects. All of the sudden, life happens and gives you an interruption. Life throws up a road closed sign […]

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It’s a Revolution
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The Earth is a giant sphere. This sphere continuously spins at a certain angle in a certain direction. Picture a circle drawn on paper. Imagine this circle spinning. Would you be able to see the circle spin? No. That is because it is the exact same diameter and circumference all […]

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What’s the Trend?
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Our society as a collective uses advertisements, media, and fashion to create different trends. These trends are society’s guidelines to ‘follow’ and to be up to date with the latest and newest ideas. Trends can be anything. One of the largest trends is the fashion industry. The monthly beauty magazines […]

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Learn from the Past
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Life takes us down many turns in every direction. Each new direction and turn is another lesson learned. Life consists of constant lessons and an abundance of knowledge. It is natural to be a hands on learner and to try things in order to understand how life works. History can […]

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Cure the Funk
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Have you ever felt in a funk? This funky mood gives us this uncomfortable feeling. Sometimes we have days where we just wake up feeling off center. There might not be one particular reason for this funk, it could even be a number of things that cause this shift in […]

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Turn it Up with TRX Training
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TRX or total resistance training is a great new way to build muscle using your own body weight. If you like yoga, you will enjoy turning up the intensity with TRX training. This suspension training offers your body support and correct alignment. There are so many different postures to work […]

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Gain Balance in your Root Chakra
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The root chakra is at the base of the spine. The root chakra is located at the base of the spine. The root chakra grounds the physical connection to the Earth. The root chakra governs security and natural instinct within our lives. The root chakra offers a feeling of comfort […]

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