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5 Poses for Lower Back Relief
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Here are five yoga poses to help relieve lower back pain! Cat/Cow This posture helps to warm-up the spine and release muscle tension. Start in a table-top position on your mat. Your hands will be beneath the shoulders and your knees will be beneath the hips. Inhale as you drop […]

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5 Ways to Reach Your Edge
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When you hold a yoga posture, what are you truly experiencing? To reach your edge is to hold a yoga posture at the edge of resistance. When you want to leave that position try to just stay there. The edge is the place for self-discovery, growth, and change. When you […]

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5 Different Types of Yoga
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There are so many variations of Yoga. Yoga is the practice of yoking. Yoking in order to unite mind, body, and soul. There are five top styles of yoga that the Western and Eastern practice the most! These five types of the main types of styles you will experience at […]

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Swim to Cleanse
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Swimming is a cleansing experience. Swimming cleanses the body, mind, and soul. It physically washes your skin with water. It clears your mind and brings you into the moment. It cleanses the soul by releasing endorphins and awakens the spirit. Swimming is a very yogic treatment. Swimming in the ocean […]

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Salute the Moon!
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Awwwhhhhoooooooooo! I salute to the moon. As it orbits the Earth each day it reflects pieces of itself with the Sun’s bright light. A full moon is a sight to see! This beauty is worth saluting for being Earth’s single night light. Yoga offers you a great way to feel […]

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Six Directions of the Spine
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The backbone. Our focus for stability, support, and balance. Our spine is the power cord of nerves for our body and mind. You could say it is one of the most important parts of our skeletal make-up. We need to protect our spines through our posture and yoga to find […]

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Plank Abs
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Everyone wants flat abs. So flat that they are as rock solid and stable as a plank! The plank will give you plank abs. This exercise offers incredible results in little time. The plank not only gives you the abs you want, it also strengthens your arms and legs while […]

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5 Ways To Eat, Drink, Use Turmeric
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Turmeric is nature’s medicine. This root is filled with numerous healing properties. It has even been shown to decrease the number of cancer cells within a human body! This magical cure can be eaten and drank in many different forms. Here are five ways that I find useful ingesting the […]

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Silent to Listen
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One of the most important principles I have learned about life is conscious communication. It is exactly what it means, to be conscious while you are communicating. I have learned that when you listen to someone else talk, it takes a great deal of silence, patience, and empathy. To talk […]

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6 Steps to Meditation
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Meditation is a wonderful practice to balance every aspect of your life. Today’s crazy world leaves us feeling drained and imbalanced. The practice of meditation is the ability to steady your mind, body, and soul. The connection between mind, body, and soul is the key to seek inner peace. Mediation […]

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