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Inversions are yoga postures that are inverted such as handstands and headstands. If you are interested in learning inversions, I highly recommend starting with a wall for support. It has been a long journey for my personal inversion yoga practice. For years, I was very fearful of inversions. I was […]

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Never Give Up
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There are times in life when you feel you have had enough. Enough struggle, enough suffering, enough work, enough sorrow, enough giving, enough rejection, just enough of anything that consumes us. We all have these moments. There are times that we feel like giving up. It seems easy to give […]

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Couple’s Yoga
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Yoga is a very personal and spiritual practice of connecting the mind, body, and soul as one. What happens when two people in love practice yoga together? I feel that we are truly able to fall in love and open our heart with others when we have first done it […]

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A Yoga Mat’s Story
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Whether years old or brand new, each yoga mat has a story to be told. Each yoga mat’s story is unique. Yoga is a spiritual practice. A yoga mat is a sacred piece to a yoga practice. A yoga mat is a temple of peace that can be carried with […]

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The Fifth Limb
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Most styles of yoga are based off of the eight limb system. The eight limbs of yoga consist of yamas, niyamas, asana, pranayama, pratyahara, dharana, dhyana, and samadhi. The fifth limb, pratyahara is one of the most important limbs of yoga practice. The fifth limb is preparation for meditation. The […]

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Iyengar Yoga
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Yoga being an ancient practice has developed many different variations over the years. Everyone has their own unique style of yoga practice. In every variation the focus is centered on the alignment of mind, body, and spirit. Iyengar Yoga is a variation of Hatha Yoga which emphasizes on detail, precision, […]

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Heal with Energy
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We exist from energy. Energy that was not created or destroyed, energy that was transferred between our parents, their parents, and past generations. We hold this life-force energy within our soul. This life-force energy can be known as prana, ki, or chi. This energy exists inside of us, it is […]

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5 Ways to Seek Peace of Mind
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A peace of mind is a new expression based from the previous one, a piece of mind. To give someone a piece of your mind usually meant to push your opinion or views in a negative manner. I think it’s funny to turn this meaning around into something more positive, […]

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I Am Not What I Feel
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Our feelings do not define who we are. When we feel a certain way, we are not describing ourselves as individuals. We are actually describing a feeling that everyone experiences. You are not being happy, you are feeling happy! Same goes for feeling sad, you are not being even when […]

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Imperfections are Perfections
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Think about the phrase, “You’re only human.” How does this phrase resonate with you? When I think of the human species, I think about intelligence. We are intelligent beings. We are so intelligent that we create our idea of perfection in our brains. This perfection could be completing a task […]

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