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2016 Holiday Shopping Guide for Yogis
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It’s holiday time again and we’re all looking for gift ideas for our favorite yogis. With so many gifts to buy, we wanted to help you find the perfect gift for every yogi. We all know that yoga practice is more than just exercise, it’s about being present in the […]

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5 Steps to Conscious Eating
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Health trends are fun to try out and learn about, but I think that we each know what is best for our own bodies. If gluten doesn’t irritate me I may not remove it completely out of my diet just because everyone else is doing it. If someone suffers from […]

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The Naked Eye is Worth a Thousand Words
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Have you ever been on a crazy adventure and after you look through your photos to realize you did not take any?! I have. I find myself living so much in the present moment that I forget to take pictures to show my experiences. In today’s society, there is a […]

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Difference of Opinion
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We all have our differences. We are all born with a unique personality. Our personality is authentic to us right when we are born into the world outside of our mother’s womb. This personality sets us apart from one another. People may have similar personalities but many other differences. No […]

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We all make Mistakes
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We all make mistakes. We are only human and there is no such thing as perfect. You are fine just being you! Whew, what a relief right?! There are times in life during work exchanges or friendly interactions that we make mistakes. These mistakes are not your fault. These mistakes […]

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Authentically You
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To live your life being you! What does that feel like? What is authentic about you? The way you look, talk, laugh, walk, smile, and breathe is authentically you. Your duty in this life is to live your life authentically being you. Life becomes a fun adventure when we seek […]

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Bloom like a Lotus
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The lotus flower is very symbolic in yogic culture. There are different postures that mimic the beauty of this flower. There are also hand gestures or mudras that depict the blooming flower. The sacred lotus flower grows in muddy swamp waters with lily pads. The symbology that this magnificent flower […]

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Motivate Before and After
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We all know that working out and physical fitness make us feel better and look better. What we also know is the motivation it takes to get there. I mean to actually get to the gym or the studio in the first place! It is not always easy to motivate […]

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Personal Freedom
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What does it mean to be free? Freedom is the absence of physical or mental restraint. It is also the absence of necessity. United States is the land of the free. We live in a democratic state of government where the people have a choice or vote. We have a […]

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Super Conscious Awareness
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To be consciously aware, sounds like an entirely new sense separate from the core five senses of physical and mental being. We are created to smell, touch, feel, taste, and see. What if we realize that we were created with a sixth sense? (And I don’t mean the horror movie, […]

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