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A famous pick-up line is, “What’s your sign?” This is a funny question to ask someone just meeting them. We all have an astrological sign from the day we were born. Each sign has unique qualities. I feel that your sign is personal to you. It describes your good and […]

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To Heal and Be Healed
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When we are born, we are fresh out of the oven. Just like a fresh loaf of bread, we do not have any indents or slices off of us yet. We are pure and untainted. Then, as we grow we start to adapt to the outside world. Very different from […]

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Garden of Life
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When I moved to Los Angeles, California I learned the beauty of gardening. Being from Cleveland, Ohio there was opportunity to grow food during the summer. Ohio had perfect soil and during the summer you had the chance to harvest in the fall. In California you can farm food all […]

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5 Heart Opening Yoga Poses
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Heart opening yoga poses are great to improve posture and help relieve the stress placed on our backs. They are also an opening experience to immerse yourself into an open heart and open soul. Here are five heart opening yoga poses! Sphinx (Salamba Bhujangasana) This is a gentle backbend while […]

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5 Ways to Reduce Stress
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Stress is a common factor for the majority of us. We live in a fast paced society, that is based on working all day with very limited time off the clock. We have to work hard in order to have freedom and live comfortably. So how can we manage these […]

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Could you be Loved?
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It is possible to come to a point in your life when you realize the importance of self-compassion. “To love oneself is the beginning a lifelong romance.” Oscar Wilde has a point, we do happen to have ourselves to live with forever! We can feel thankful for that. We can […]

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Walking the Rope
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I sometimes feel that I am walking on a tightrope through life. That struggle to feel balanced. This is especially true in big decision making or uncomfortable situations. I was very klutzy growing up, an awkwardly thin young girl who would trip over herself. Yoga has changed that in many […]

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5 Ways to Seek Mindful Living
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To seek mindful living is to embrace the present moment for all of the savory sweetness it has to offer. To be mindful is to be conscious of your thoughts and actions within the exact moment of awareness. Mindfulness is taking everything in and processing life in a healthy manner. […]

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5 Ways to Share Love
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I truly believe that love is the cure to all things in life. When we feel love we cannot feel the fear. When we feel love, we feel happy and free. Love is abundant and available to everyone. We are the ones that seek love. As much as we seek […]

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Be the Change
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Everyone has something that they want to change about the world. We think about what we want for this world happiness, peace, abundance, success, freedom, and the list goes on. We want all of these things to happen in our life, our families’ lives, our friends’ lives, and strangers’ lives. […]

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