Beer Belly No More Thanks to the MGD 64 Yoga Mat

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Miller Genuine Draft, the beer company responsible for the exceptionally low calorie MGD 64 has given its fans a great new tool to keep in shape while supporting their beer of choice. They are now selling the MGD 64 yoga mat for $32 on their site.

Although the mat is beer colored, it is not beer scented which is really for the best. Β Miller Genuine Draft has branded MGD 64 as the lightest, yet best tasting beer on the market by using hysterically unique health-geared commercials. Now with the help of super-witty novelties such as this mat and an exercise ball, they will be certain to gain the support of the many beer-chugging yogis that adorn near-campus studios.

It’s a great concept: Eliminate your beer belly by doing yoga. Congratulations to MGD for creating my favorite new product of the week. Check the mat out here.

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