Become a Places to Yoga Blog Contributor

Places to yoga has blossomed into an online yoga community where yogis can share their experience and learn from others. Many of our members have chosen to contribute to our yoga blog.

So you’re ready to send in your first post? Here are a few things you should know before you begin.

If your questions are not answered below please contact us.

Why Would I Contribute to the Places to Yoga Blog?

  • Help Others: We all have had (many) people who influence us throughout our lives by sharing what they have learned. Places to Yoga is a perfect platform to share your message with the rest of the yoga world and helping yogis everywhere.
  • Sharing is Fun: Each yogi in the world, has their own unique experience with yoga. Sharing your own experience lets you reflect and grow.
  • Build a following: Places to Yoga is one of the fastest growing Yoga communities around, sharing your blog posts with thousands of followers daily. Our readers are interested in learning about yoga as well as other aspect of healthy living, such as nutrition and fitness. Places to Yoga helps promote contributors by attaching a customized, and personalized bio with each article we post. Our bios include personal information about the author, as well as links to personal (or studio) websites, Twitter and Facebook accounts, and other personal blogs. This offers a wonderful opportunity for aspiring writers, as well as anyone looking to build an online following.
  • Ok, I’m Ready, How Do I Contribute?

    We would love to share your blogs with the world. All you have to do is write anything about yoga, health, life! It can be any length and from most any perspective. Email it to me and I will publish it with you as the author! Please submit a “Bio” with the first post so that we can attach it to all your posts. You can include links in your bio if you’d like. We only request that the items you send in are original, and have not been published elsewhere on the web.

    It’s super simple.

    • What can I write about?
      Our blog includes articles about everything from the practice of yoga, healthy lifestyle, nutrition, yoga products, yoga teaching styles and other related topics.
    • Can I publish articles I’ve already published elsewhere?
      We work hard to deliver unique content to our readers, so we ask that it is original to Places to Yoga.
    • Can I include photos?
      Of course, we love photos. We hate stealing! If you include photos with your article, please make sure you own the rights to use them. We also own a substantial library of photos in case you need any.
    • SPAM is for suckers. Our goal is to publish valuable, relevant content, and so we rather not accept SPAMMY, SEO-ED submissions intended only for self promotion.
    • Are you still reading this? You should be writing your first article!

    In Case You’re Still Reading

    Ok, now you’re ready. Here’s all you need to do

    • Send us your first article written using double carbon paper via carrier pigeon. Alternatively, you can email it to as either a Word document, Google Document link, or in the body of the email.
    • Make sure to include a bio and photo with your first article.
    • You can attach any photos you wish to include, and we’ll re-size them for you.

    We look forward to reading your first article!

    If you still have any questions please contact us.


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