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Beauty is a characteristic of an animal, person, place, object, or idea that provides a perceptual experience of satisfaction or pleasure. Beauty is something that we as humans perceive. Everyone has a different perception of life, therefore everyone has a different perception of beauty. The mass media likes to think it holds the idea of what beauty is, this external appearance with make-up, clothing, and accessories. Beauty can be looked at as a naked human body. Real beauty comes from the inside of that human body, it comes from the soul. To have a beautiful soul is the ultimate form of beauty.

As a collective society, we tend to put our focus on what others think about us. This obviously is a revolving door because we tend to focus on what we think about others, as well. The reason we care could be to please the ones we love, to show off for attention, to gain recognition…etc. Maybe one of the reasons society cares to judge others is for the simple fact that we tend to judge ourselves. Our lives are merely a perception from our individual experience. We can empathize with the lives of others but no one truly can experience the perception of another. We need to realize this in order to grow understanding of the difference in human beings.

Our society likes to focus on material looks, material wealth, or the status quo of accomplishments. This is understandable to have a first impression but how many times have people proved your  assumptions wrong? How many externally perfect, beautiful people prove to be ugly and cruel on the inside? How many disabled people have taught you that beauty comes from within? The phrase, ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ just proves that life only exists as we perceive it to be. As a society, we need to shift this perspective of beauty. Beauty is within the soul. Beauty is a light form of energy that shines onto anyone it touches.

This light form energy comes from the very moment of conception. This spark of life that is created is beauty. This unconditional love that is bonded within mother and child existing within the same body. Beauty can literally mean anything that you want it to mean. Beauty can be laughter, joy, happiness. These positive emotions and acts of kindness are what make society beautiful as a whole. What if we woke up everyday to look at ourselves in the mirror and tell ourselves that we are beautiful? This small shift added into our lives could change everything. Our self confidence will begin to rise and we will be able to accomplish more.

Do yourself and society a favor, tell yourself that you are beautiful. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Repeat after me, “I am beautiful, I Am Beautiful, I AM BEAUTIFUL!” You are here to make a difference on this Earth. You are the contributing factor to a beautiful world. You are the reason beauty exists!

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