Bad day? Smudge Away

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We all have bad days. Bad days can be a rough time at the office, bad news, or just feeling in a funk. Feeling bad emotions is as normal as feeling good emotions. There is always a balance of negative and positive energies in the Universe. The Cherokee Native Americans believed that there are two spirit wolves that live within us. There is an evil wolf, he is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego. Then there is a good wolf, he is joy, peace, love, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith. They said that there is this same battle going on within you and every other person. Which wolf wins? The one you feed.

It is a common to experience a rough day. Sometimes things just are not going the way you planned or something happens and you find yourself in a dilemma. How do you react to life’s dilemmas? Some people are aggressive, some passive, and the rest are both. The first thing to do in a bad day situation is to admit it to yourself. Once we accept that we can move forward to cope with this bad day situation. Coping mechanisms can differ depending on the dilemma but there are many that you can apply that should help equally. Something as simple as taking a mindful breath, a walk, or a break can make a beneficial impact on how you react during a tough situation.

Redirect your thoughts. When we are experiencing hard times, try to relate back the Cherokee Native American spirit wolves. What feelings do we want to fuel? When we feel angry, we have two choices to react to this anger. We can fuel the fire and start to snowball this feeling of anger into everything in our lives or we can accept this feeling of anger and learn how to allow it. We can accept that specific emotion and see if we are capable of redirecting it after release. Can we see the light within the dark?

Another way to brighten a dark day is to wash away the negativity off of you. Detox in a nice, hot, epsom salt bath. Allow yourself some space to release these unwanted energies. A great way to spiritually cleanse yourself or a room is to burn white sage. This technique of burning herbs and spices is known as smudging. The smoke from the sage is wonderfully calming. Light some of this sage and relax in a hot, salt bath. Allow yourself this time to clear your mind, thoughts, fears, worries, and wash away this negative energy. Palo Santo, known as holy wood is also a great purifier and smells a lot like sandalwood. You can find sage, palo santo, and other herbs and spices at metaphysical supply stores around you.

Gratitude is also a way to accept life’s rough moments. We can recognize that no matter how bad a situation you can always be thankful to be alive. No one is dealt a “perfect life” from this Universe. Perfection is unrealistic, it is the imperfections that set us apart as individuals. Next time you have a bad day, be aware of your reaction to this dilemma. Which wolf do you want to feed?

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