Awareness – Kind of a Challenging Thing

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I used to think that I was an “aware” individual. I mean, I know where my wallet usually is, and that others around me can hear my nonsense blabber on the phone. I have pretty decent personal space perception and rarely do I hit bump into things with my car. In my opinion, I was an “aware” kind of guy. It wasn’t until I started writing about awareness that it struck me… Awe S#%t, I have no clue what awareness is, at least not in the yoga sense.

I have always been told to think of awareness in social terms. How I interact with others, how to spot if I am in a dodgy situation, and of course how to moderately mindful. Unfortunately, that is just common senses, not awareness. The awareness that is needed during yoga is so much more skillful and important.

When you are practicing yoga in a class, at home, or under your office desk you need to learn to watch your body from an outsider’s view. You need to treat your practice like that totally trashy guilty-pleasure train-wreck of a show that you just can’t take your eyes off of. Our focus needs to be on so much more than just the body and our breathing. It needs to be on the whole picture.

It was our Tip of the Day that really made me realize where my consciousness really is lacking and where my awareness was superficial. I hope that this blog helps bring awareness to your level of awareness, lol.

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