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Weary Warrior
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Photo by Balaji Srinivasan Virabhadra was born of rage. He had lots of arms. He was cutting off heads, poisoning sacred oils, breaking stuff, poking people with sticks, holding a flaming lotus, shooting arrows all at the same time. Does this sound familiar to you? You’re probably not quite as […]

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If we were in a yoga class right now and I said “Hanuman” you would probably: a) cringe, grimace and find an excuse to fix your clothing, mat, hair, etc. b) become frustrated, enraged, and irritated that some idiot came up with this pose. c) worry intensely about how your […]

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Yoga, on the Rocks
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I just spent three days in the wilderness, without internet. And I survived. Every year my husband and I (and a small group of our assorted closest friends and relatives) head out into the mountains and spend time eating, sleeping, and staring off into space. We occasionally hike, but more […]

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Sometimes when I talk to newbies, I explain my heated vinyasa flow class as an arse-kicking workout followed by a short, supervised nap. I am most often greeted by a sideways ‘what?’ look not unlike the look I get from dogs when I ‘jog’ through the park. Most of the […]

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Winter has done it’s best to wipe the slate clean: the ground is ready, animals awake, and boots ready to head into their annual slumber in the back of the hall closet. Fuzzy sweaters and holey socks find new homes and renewed purpose staking tomato plants, scrubbing floors, or keeping […]

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The Line
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I’ve heard lately that we are happiest just at the border of our comfort zones. We need to be challenged just to the edge of our capacity. We wallow in our boredom when under stimulated, or burn out when forced into overdrive. I have personally experienced both in life: under […]

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Lessons from a Neurotic Yogini, Part 2
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A couple of weeks ago I shared a few of the things this modestly obsessive yogini has learned from her fellow yogis (click here for Part1), and these few items round out the list. 5. Setting an intention for class is not setting a goal. I am a list maker, […]

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Lessons from a Neurotic Yogini, Part 1
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I know that ‘yoga people’ are supposed to be free-loving, relaxed, and perpetually glowing, but the fact is that I am in fact both a yogini and the tiniest bit rigid. Stuck in my ways. Conscientious. Disciplined. Maybe a skosh neurotic. This works to my advantage in my community of […]

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