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Baltimore - Catonsville, MD

Ashtanga Yoga Maryland

Yoga is your “Health Club on a Sticky Mat,” a complete lifestyle comprising a proper diet, positive mental outlook, a series of stress-reducing physical postures linked to correct natural breathing, and meditative focus. Regular practice results in increased happiness not only for you but for all those you come in contact with. Sandra is happiest when she helps her students feel better than they have in years. Sandra’s philosophy is, “If it ain’t fun, it ain’t yoga.” When you get hooked on how great yoga makes you look and feel, Sandra has done her job well. So from your first deep breath, through every yoga pose (individually adapted to your unique needs, whether you are a complete beginner, have preexisting injuries, or are an elite athlete), until you collapse in a sweaty heap on your sticky mat (just kidding, but you do get a nap at the end — it’s everybody’s favorite part of class), you will find that yoga is much more than a physical experience. Learn this ancient art of joy with a highly experienced teacher and practitioner; Sandra began practicing in high school (nevermind how long agoΒ that was.) on her own from a book given to her by her mother (thanks, Mom!). She continued her studies with Kripalu teacher Tejal Murray. After the pioneering bookPower Yoga>/i> by Beryl Bender Birch was published, Sandra found the path of Ashtanga Yoga and has been practicing and teaching from this dynamic and adaptable system ever since.

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40 Bloomsbury Ave
Baltimore - Catonsville, MD 21227

Phone: (410) 536-0419
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