Aromatherapy & Yoga

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Incenses and attars have played a major role in yoga practice for a very long time. They were an important part of the ritualistic experience of yoga. Aromas help aid in relaxation and can even help train the body and mind. However, today most of us practice in closed studios, with many people whom might have aroma-issues, so it’s a tad frowned upon.

But don’t stress, there are ways that you can improve your personal experience even in a class setting. By placing diluted essential oil drops on your pressure points you can transport yourself to a deeper level of practice. Apply the oil right before your yoga practice and also take in a few deep breaths to get your olfactory system and brain areas excited.

In India essential oils mixed with jojoba or neem oils are used as muscle rubs to loosen a person up prior to their yoga practice. We have lost that part of the practice here in the states, but I encourage you to add it to your routine and see if it enhances your flexibility and experience. Let me know what oils you LOVE to use.

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