Anuttara Yoga Shala

Deerfield Beach, FL

Anuttara Yoga Shala

Anuttara Yoga means The Supreme Yoga, the Highest. The most Excellent Union. The “Annotated Yoking”.

Here at our Shala (school) you will delve not only into the techniques of the physical postures, but also into the historical and philosophical substrate of Yoga. Our style is Hatha Yoga in a warm environment where we teach the basis of the Eight Limbs of Yoga Ashtanga.

Every pose releases certain energies. We detail the correct alignment and seal the energy released with Mudra (seal). Our method is a flow set to traditional Yoga music in an incredible space that will transport you to another place and time!

Come for the Workout…….Bring a beach towel because you will sweat!

Come for the Work-In…….De-stress and find joy!.

Come for the Work-Through…….Achieve Spiritual union and community!

All are welcome, from beginners to the advanced practitioner.

We have classes all day, everyday to accommodate everyone’s schedule.

We have different classes according to student levels.

Each class is 90-minutes with additional time for meditation and recovery.

Shower and restroom facilities are available for your use.

All our classes are taught in the unique Anuttara Yoga method where emphasis is not only Asana (posture or “seat”), but also Bhava (mood or intention), Pranayama (breathe control or Life Force extension), Mudra (energy seal), Mantra (vibrational traversing) and Darshana (philosophy).

Contact Information

620 S.E. 10th Street
Deerfield Beach, FL 33441

Phone: (954) 322-9642
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