Animals Doing Yoga – the Return of Downward Kitty

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Joseph Boquiren recently gave us a hilarious cartoon titled Buddha Never Had a Cat . If you have not checked it out yet,  I hope that you just clicked that link 🙂  Anyway, a few of our readers sent in some photos of their pets doing yoga and also of a few great animal yoga videos. I wanted to share them with all of you, so please enjoy them.

These great photos were sent in by Ross.

… and these videos were sent in by Jane of Cleveland, Ohio.

I have nothing on this pooches Downward Dog

This cat is actually teaching a valuable lesson. Stay focused on your practice. Do not let the outside world distract you. That cat was clearly a yoga instructor in a past life!

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  • LiLi

    Great article…the kitten is so cute! Wish I could get my back legs that straight!

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