Alpha State Yoga and Pilates Studio

Columbus, OH

Alpha State Yoga and Pilates Studio

In 2003, over a cup-of-tea, we began formulating our plan creating what has become known asAlpha State Yoga and Pilates Studio.Β  This has been a thrilling and wild ride for all of us, exceeding every expectation we set forth; to make a difference, build a community, and have fun.Β  Closing our studio has been a bittersweet decision however it is vital to our evolution as teachers and human beings.Β  As we spread our wings we will continue to serve our students and community through our life’s work, scattering the seeds of Alpha State all over Columbus.

Thank you to all the teachers and students both past and present for helping us create a close-knit community. We look forward seeing you soon.

Contact Information

433 W. 3rd Avenue
Columbus, OH 43201

Phone: (614) 299-6636
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