All One Yoga and Wellness Center

Ft. Walton Beach, FL

All One Yoga and Wellness Center

Amy’s style of practice and teaching asana revolve around the exploration of breath and prana (energy) in the body and mind. It is the observation of the quality of this breath and subtle energy that connects us to our own inner stillness. We use the yoga postures and their form to explore the first layer of opening and resistance, which may be felt as certian freedoms and tightness or tensions in the body or mind. Through this practice many wonderful revelations about all facets of your life may be experienced. We learn the practice of letting go and of finding the balance between effort and surrender. When we are able to explore the balance of strength and suppleness on our yoga mats, the challenge of balancing in our daily lives becomes more easily attainable.
Class Styles and Levels: The practice is designed to bring balance to our life as a whole. Therefore some classes may be more fluid, exploring more free forms of movement as a meditation, while other classes may focus on longer holding of the postures exploring & refining alignment as a means to find inner stillness. All classes will have a stong emphasis on breath.

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119 Truxton Ave.
Ft. Walton Beach, FL 32548

Phone: 850-243-7492
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