Accepting. And how I do it as Badly as Surrendering

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So here’s the thing: I practice yoga because I NEED to. WIth all the yoga I have done in the last decade or so, I should be an enlightened being with 360-
degree vision. But no. I am just human. And, without my yoga practice, a cranky human.

Also, a control-freaky kind of human. Which is why I spend so much time thinking about things like surrender and acceptance.

I am just about to launch a set of yoga cards: the yogAttitude cards (I know, I crack myself up too!)

I wrote the buggers, and yet they keep teaching me lessons. There are few things more humbling than having your own teaching coming back to bite you in the ass.

For example, having an accepting yogAttitude. These are the questions I wrote for people to use when examining their attitude toward acceptance:

  • Can I accept myself exactly as I am, the good parts and the shadow parts?
  • Can I accept others?
  • Can I acknowledge the essential humanity of every person, even rapists and murderers?
  • Do I understand that acceptance doesn’t require inaction?

Bah. Those are not easy questions to answer yes to. Frankly, I tend to get hung up on the first one, never mind the others!

What, accept myself even when I am tired and grumpy? But that can’t be right, because I shouldn’t be snappy with my partner, I shouldn’t have worked so hard, I shouldn’t stop working just because I am tired…I could carry on here, but I suspect you get the idea.

One afternoon, I pulled out my cards and, surprise surprise, got ‘acceptance’ as the attitude for my practice. Here’s what I did with it:

It was a really nice little practice, in the end. And, for a while afterwards, I did feel, as the French say, ‘bien dans ma peau’ (good in my skin).


If you want to have a play with the attitudes, here are sample pages from the yogAttitude workbook.

(Jackie, if that’s not an ok link situation, I have attached the sample PDF. Presumably you will be fine with embedding the youtube vid though.)

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