Abd-OM-en Tuesday

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I started the day off volunteering in the library at my sons’ school (as previously mentioned, libraries are one of my passions). After library I met my best friend for a Barre class at Rasamaya Dover. Barre is a class that creates endurance and stamina through strength training and increased flexibility through stretching. The movements are influenced by classical ballet barre methods, Pilates, yoga, and orthopedic exercises. Let me just say it is a tough class. It works the abs, arms and thighs like nobody’s business, when you first start taking the class, you can feel it for days after.

After Barre, my best friend and I went to breakfast, a nice vegetable egg white omelette and coffee with skim milk. As a side note, yoga has brought me and my best friend much closer together; we try to meet each week for yoga and breakfast. It is really nice.

My second class was Vigorous Yoga, my favorite non-hot yoga class. The poses are challenging, the teacher is great and the classes are small; although today we did a “get ready for summer class” working the abs. Really – I worked the abs earlier today — ugh! From this class I now have a new yoga goal. I want to be able to do a split. I’ll keep you updated on my progress.
After class I went to the gym to do some cardio work. I normally read a woman’s health magazine and listen to upbeat music, but today I noticed that Sex and the City was on the tube so I had to watch it. The 45 minutes on the elliptical few by, time to pick up the kids from school.

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