ABC’s Modern Family Introduces the World to TROGA

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Last week on Modern Family we were all introduced to a beautiful display of Treadmill Yoga, or as Mitchell, the show’s adorable gay-next-door calls it “Troga”. Troga combines running treadmill-style with whimsical yoga movements.

I have heard of Yoga Spinning, but Treadmill Yoga seems to be the ultimate multi-tasking activity. Unfortunately, it hasn’t hit the mainstream yet, let alone a studio near you. If you have not seen the latest episode of Modern Family, Treadmill of Strangers, I highly recommend that you Hulu it immediately.

  • Saw that episode – absolutely hilarious!!! Such a good show 🙂

  • I just hulu’d it. Thanks for the idea! It was great.

  • i love that show!!!!

  • So funny.

  • I love the show a ton and was able to meet Cam, played by Eric Stonestreet at a dinner, and had I met Mitchell, my life would have been complete. The two are have amazing comedic delivery. I’m not saying that Julie Bowen isn’t amazing, because she is. She just wasn’t doing Troga…

  • GustavoWoltman

    That’s so cool! Gustavo Woltmann

  • Penelope Dalca

    Too bad your readers are going to have a hard time tracking down a Modern Family episode with that title. It’s Strangers on a Treadmill, as in the movie Strangers on a Train. ☺️

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