A Yogi’s Mission to Spread Love

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Love is the only universal truth that is inherently instilled in all of us. We are born with a clean slate. We are unbiased and unaware of the prejudices that will develop as we age. When we enter this realm we are filled with love and if we are lucky love is returned to us. It’s with the help of nurturing love from others that we become caring, kind, compassionate, and internally beautiful people.

I wanted to write about yoga and love because to me the language spoken from a true yogi’s soul is always that of love. We live in a time where love is at a low and it is our responsibility to bring it back into fashion. The hippies have been spreading the message of love for years, but yogis are the new modern hippy and it’s now our obligation to spread the good word.

When we chant OM and share that high vibration moment of connection with our brothers and sisters of the world, we can feel that power. We can feel every bit of the bigger picture. When I chant, I know that universal love emanates from within my being and is pushed out into world of energy. That is my truth.

When you take the time out of your hectic day to practice yoga and re-connect with the earth and your inner self, you are creating joy and exuding love. We were born to love and be loved, for me it is yoga that helps me remember our mission. Next time you center yourself on the mat, look around you at your fellow peers and silently send out a message of love to all of them. The energy will be received and you will be amazed at what the world sends back your way.

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