A Yoga Mat’s Story

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Whether years old or brand new, each yoga mat has a story to be told. Each yoga mat’s story is unique. Yoga is a spiritual practice. A yoga mat is a sacred piece to a yoga practice. A yoga mat is a temple of peace that can be carried with you wherever you go. Many of us place our yoga mats in a bag to be protected along our journeys through life. Many yoga mats are colorful and covered with beautiful designs and some are black with a deep history worked into them. I’m not sure the age of my yoga mat but it is black and has first hand witnessed my yoga experience.

My yoga mat was a hand-me-down from a wonderful friend which explains why I do not know how old it is. This friend inspired my yoga practice at a time when I was just diving into my own spiritual being. My yoga mat was gifted inside of a black bag and on the bag is a colorful version of the seven chakras. My yoga mat is worn with cat scratches from when my kitty likes to join me in my yoga practice. It is a Jade yoga mat, I always tell people the brand when they ask because if my yoga mat has lasted this long it must be of good quality! So obviously, it is a brand I can recommend.

My yoga mat’s story is probably similar to most in the idea that it gets to support my yoga practice everywhere I go. From yoga school to moving across the country, my yoga mat has always been my temple of peace. I think about the wear and tear it receives from the thousands of warrior poses it has experienced over the years. It has held strong and supported me through good and bad times. My yoga mat is sacred to me for all of these reasons but most of all because it is the number one witness to my personal growth.

If you take a moment to think about your yoga mat’s story, what would it be? Where is it from? Where has it been with you? There are so many stories that each yoga mat could tell if it was able to, let us speak for it. Let us share the stories of our yoga mats. Let us be thankful for the support that these yoga mats have given us throughout the years of our lives. Your yoga mat is a sacred part of your yoga practice. Your yoga mat is your number one witness to your world of yoga.

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