A Wealth of Health

Santa Rosa, CA

A Wealth of Health

Wish to age gracefully and maintain health? For the young and the young at heart, I offer Ashtanga Yoga or what is called the eight limbs of raja yoga: 1. yama – observances to others, 2. niyama – self purification, 3. asana – the physical postures, 4. pranayama – breath and energy mastery, 5. pratyahara – inner focus, 6. dharana – concentration, 7. dhyana – meditation, 8. samadhi – transcendence. Additionally, I offer hypnomeditation, an integration of meditation and self-hypnosis for profound relaxation, focus, and mindfulness to achieve peace, power, and purpose. Individuals or groups, your place or mine. Meditation is the best medication!

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1109 Lanewood Way
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

Phone: (707) 364-4626
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